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What are the three authentication options offered by AWS?
Nov 25, 2017 21:36:00 UTC
What is the practice of distributing responsibility among multiple people so that no one person has full control of everything?
Nov 25, 2017 21:39:20 UTC
Why is it important to enforce a strict password policy for your AWS account?
Nov 25, 2017 21:44:23 UTC
Which is Amazon Web Services' newest encryption tool?
Nov 25, 2017 21:37:49 UTC
Which storage service provides encryption services for both data in flight and data at rest?
Nov 25, 2017 21:41:49 UTC
What is AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
Nov 25, 2017 21:41:18 UTC
What can happen if a hacker gets a hold of your account key?
Nov 25, 2017 21:47:15 UTC
True or False: A root account credential can be used to log into your AWS account or buy a book on Amazon.com.
Nov 25, 2017 21:40:11 UTC
Which of these Amazon's tools is for monitoring?
Nov 25, 2017 21:39:46 UTC
Which is a recommended way to protect Access Keys?
Nov 25, 2017 21:36:45 UTC