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What is the largest number of solid $2\text{-in} \times 2\text{-in} \times 1\text{-in}$ blocks that can fit in a $3\text{-in} \times 2\text{-in}\times3\text{-in}$ box?

Dec 22, 2017 20:03:19 UTC

Supposed that $x$ and $y$ are nonzero real numbers such that $\frac{3x+y}{x-3y}=-2$. What is the value of $\frac{x+3y}{3x-y}$?

Dec 22, 2017 20:02:23 UTC

The lines with equations $ax-2y=c$ and $2x+by=-c$ are perpendicular and intersect at $(1, -5)$. What is $c$?

Dec 22, 2017 20:09:29 UTC

Camilla had twice as many blueberry jelly beans as cherry jelly beans. After eating 10 pieces of each kind, she now has three times as many blueberry jelly beans as cherry jelly beans. How many blueberry jelly beans did she originally have?

Dec 22, 2017 20:02:50 UTC

Samia set off on her bicycle to visit her friend, traveling at an average speed of $17$ kilometers per hour. When she had gone half the distance to her friend’s house, a tire went flat, and she walked the rest of the way at $5$ kilometers per hour. In all it took her $44$ minutes to reach her friend’s house. In kilometers rounded to the nearest tenth, how far did Samia walk?

Dec 22, 2017 20:03:50 UTC

Points $A(11, 9)$ and $B(2, -3)$ are vertices of $\triangle ABC$ with $AB=AC$. The altitude from $A$ meets the opposite side at $D(-1, 3)$. What are the coordinates of point $C$?

Dec 22, 2017 20:07:50 UTC

Sofia ran 5 laps around the 400-meter track at her school. For each lap, she ran the first 100 meters at an average speed of 4 meters per second and the remaining 300 meters at an average speed of 5 meters per second. How much time did Sofia take running the 5 laps?

Dec 22, 2017 20:01:36 UTC

Kymbrea’s comic book collection currently has 30 comic books in it, and she is adding to her collection at the rate of 2 comic books per month. LaShawn’s collection currently has 10 comic books in it, and he is adding to his collection at the rate of 6 comic books per month. After how many months will LaShawn’s collection have twice as many comic books as Kymbrea’s?

Dec 22, 2017 19:57:13 UTC

A radio program has a quiz consisting of $3$ multiple-choice questions, each with $3$ choices. A contestant wins if he or she gets $2$ or more of the questions right. The contestant answers randomly to each question. What is the probability of winning?

Dec 22, 2017 20:08:55 UTC

Real numbers $x$, $y$, and $z$ satisfy the inequalities $0 < 1$, $-1 < y < 0$, and $1 < z < 2$. Which of the following numbers is necessarily positive?

Dec 22, 2017 19:59:38 UTC

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